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Leaders In The Fire Protection Industry

The people behind your fire sprinkler system have one mission: protecting lives and property.  At Gulftech we offer you a creative, common-sense approach to fire sprinkler design, installation, service, and inspection for fire sprinkler systems and backflow preventers. We have the team and expertise to provide you with a sprinkler system that meets your needs.  


Systems We Service

A sprinkler system is designed to use water to put out a fire. With a fire sprinkler system we have your residential, commercial building or industrial space covered. There are four different types that we can install:


  • Wet pipe systems: typical application, with water in the system's pipes ready to be activated by the opening of fire sprinkler heads.

  • Dry pipe systems: this system has air in the pipes and water is activated after a slight delay. These systems are used when water in pipes can freeze.

  • Deluge: These systems are controlled by a valve which releases the water and used where fire can spread quickly.

  • Fire Pump: This is a large motorized pump that provides water to high-rise buildings and condominiums in case of emergency.



We are NICET Certified to provide continuing education and growth to our technicians, in order to help serve

you better. 

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